What is your alignment reading?

How aligned are you?


Relation to Yourself

Do you accept love and cherish your full authentic self?

Relation to Your God

Are you aware of how God see's you? Are you sure of your spiritual practice.

Relation to Your Business

Are you working within your purpose? Are you 100% excited about how you get to show up and serve people every day?

Relation to Others

Area all of your relationships healthy & intentional? Are you burdened in any relationship?

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About Spiritual Alignment Guidance:

Spiritual alignment guidance is a practice that Joshua Dwight has developed and practiced for 16 years.


It integrates a universal language of natural, indwelling Divinity as the foundation, and utilizes a conglomerate of practical spiritual philosophies to bring swift & peaceful solutions & to the existential dilemmas that we face.

It utilizes the art of introspection & a spiritual algorithm to determine which area's of your life are in need of intentional observation & by assessment it can point us in the right direction of creating a solution for the deficient areas of your life, thus giving us a valuable tool to help align the most crucial & foundational levels of your life. Those area are: 

Relation to yourself, Relation to God, Relation to your business, Relation to others.


Joshua was well aware of mis-alignments in life very early on as he is an overcomer of a childhood riddled with abuse, neglect & abandonment. In his teen years, depression, suicidal ideation, severe anxiety and gang affiliated violence and crime led him to life headed for death or life in prison. 

A radical and mystical experience with Jesus changed his life in a parking lot on a spring night in 2004. This radical change set him on a course of discovering the Divine Science of how mystical experiences can change our practical human lives. 

After serving in ministry and pastoring until 2014, through the continued life changing mystical experiences & deeper spiritual wisdom that was being awakened in him, he decided to resign to begin a private personal spiritual guidance firm.

As Joshua has been no stranger to defeat, set backs & adversities seemingly around every corner, he utilizes his unique experiences of life to help people raise up from stagnate or fading areas of their lives to show up full of authentic and excited life. 

From top business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, all the way to at-risk high-school students, His un-orthodox yet practical & personable approach to life, business & spirituality has garnered glowing testimonies of radically changed lives.

In 2017 Joshua published his first book which reached the number #3 ranking on Amazon's Self-Help section. 


He now resides in Atlanta, Ga and is a full time single father of Manny, Timothy, Melody & Jevin.


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