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There are so many conflicting stories about who we are and who God is, but one thing you can never debate with, is a changed life and a euphoric Divine encounter.

My calling is to lead people into that encounter.

-Joshua Dwight

 Josh grew up as a physically & emotionally abused child. The aftermath of this led to severe depression, anxiety attacks, suicidal ideation, drugs & gang violence.

 In 2004 he experienced a dramatic spiritual encounter that immediately and radically changed his life and healed him of his severe anxiety attacks and depression.


 Though transformed in many areas of his life, from this encounter, Joshua was embraced by an abusive religious organization and began what was to become several years of hard, rigorous and abusive training to create sub-cells of this organization in other cities and countries.


 After escaping the abusive religion due to yet another dramatic spiritual experience, he began the process of unraveling the affects of the organization. 


Joshua spent the next 4 years as a pastor in which he experienced 1000's of individual results in changed lives due to his unorthodox style that placed the power of someone's spirituality on their internal intimacy with the Divine rather than with dogma and religious structure.

 Seeing that departing from orthodox traditions wasn't being well received, Joshua resigned from the ministry, continued his study and evolution as a spiritual practitioner and began a private/ secular life coaching firm where he helps people to connect in a deeper, more practical way to their Source of Spirituality thus naturally enriching a life full of self confidence and self love.


He also works with parents on raising and developing transcendent, spiritual children and helping people to heal from and overcome toxic relationships.

He has logged 1000's of private coaching hours and has become a rising spiriutal thought leader in his generation as he travels the United States, sharing his story & message of transformation through Divine that resides inward. 


 From America's top business leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, even to at-risk high-school students, His un-orthodox yet practical & personable approach to life, business & spirituality has garnered glowing testimonies. Everyone who hears him speak, agree's - It doesn't matter if you are talking to him in a 1-1 conversation or are 1 of 10,000 in a room. You will not leave from listening to him unchanged.

 In 2017 Joshua published his first book which reached the number #3 ranking on Amazon's Self-Help section. 


He now resides in Atlanta, Ga and is a full time single father of Manny, Timothy, Melody & Jevin.


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