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Re-Charge and re-center with a guided meditation with Joshua Dwight 

For 15 years​ I have answered my calling as a guide to the emotional and practical challenges of people's lives. People have approached me  to help them with issues of spirituality, anger, depression, relationships, guilt/condemnation and even self worth and confidence. 

Through my years of study and practice as a spiritual practitioner, I have experimented with many methods and theories on how one can connect to The Divine or to simply make all the noise stop so they can find peace for just a moment. 

Over the years, your craft of connecting to The Divine becomes sharper and sharper, and I would love to share a portion of my experiences with The Divine in this simple, short 30 minute or less guided meditation with me. 

After this quick and easy meditation you will feel refreshed, relaxed and have clarity again about your direction in life. 

Even if you have never tried meditation before or are wary of it, this is the session for you! You will understand and be rejuvenated by this practice, I guarantee it. 

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