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One of the most painful things that someone can do is escape or overcome a toxic relationship. Wether it be a toxic relationship with a family member that there seems no escape from or from your significant other or spouse... There are rules of engagement that if not followed will destroy you during the process, or if followed will galvanize you and make you stronger, transcendent and in a better place on the other side.

In the midst of the battle, it does seem like you are trapped and there just isn't much escape. Contrary to what your emotions may be feeling right now, there is a life full of freedom and peace outside of this poison that is in or WAS in your life. 

I want you you to know, there is hope! There are answers for you! There is a way to escape and get out and get on with living an amazing and beautiful life! 

Being able to walk through this properly is the key. 


I myself have gone through the fiery path of being in an abusive relationship with both parents and their spouses as well as my ex wife. 


Through my journey, I have been able to uncover the reasons why abusive people kept finding their way into my life, how to stop their power over me, and practical ways to rebuttal and deal with the day to day of an abusive/toxic person. 

I learned how to heal, how to recover, and how to re-build when dealing with these toxic people who take away all the joy of living and make everything harder. 

Take the brave step of loving yourself enough to take action on escaping this tragic lifestyle with your toxic relationship. It's time to redefine the way you do life and relationships and you are going to love the results, guaranteed! 


I would be honored to walk this journey with you and see to it that you come out on the other side a changed, free, empowered and healed human!


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