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Practical Spiritual Growth

April 2004, My life looked completely different than what it does now. I was one month away from turning 17. My life was in shambles, there was so much depression and misery that I felt, I truly just wanted it all to end. 

When it came to God or anything of the sort, I wasn't about it at all. I didn't want to hear about some guy in the sky, that you can't see but supposedly fixes all your problems. My saying was: "If God is real, then fine, I hate him, because he's the one that gave me a bad life," and I would curse God and watch people's wide eyed expression as they saw it best to leave the subject alone with me. 

On that April 30th night, I was stopped randomly in a store parking lot by a man and his wife, they wanted to tell me all about God. After listening for a little while, I agreed to pray with him and long story short, my whole life changed in that moment. I literally felt like I was a different person and I was overcome with euphoria, even the sky looked a color and my face was hurting from smiling, AND I DIDN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY I WAS SMILING! For the first time in I don't know how long, I was truly internally happy and those feelings of self harm completely disappeared.

I was overcome with emotion and eagerness to discover all about The Divine, and what exactly caused me to have such a radical life change from the inside out.

I quickly became confused and frustrated at how many denominations that Christianity alone had, much less all of these other religions and denominations and sects within there respective religions.


When I asked my christian mentors about this, I was given a bullshit answer about how our church was clearly the only ones doing it right. I nodded like everyone does when someone says something they don't believe but just move on from it, yet from that point I was committed, I wanted to know all of the ways of  The Divine, the rules, it's purposes and benedictions, the ins and outs of what it can and can't do. I wanted to learn everything.

But there was so much noise! So many people that I talked to that said "This is the way, walk ye in it!" and then hear those same people turn around and bash other denominations for not doing it there way and literally condemning them to hell for as much. 

Fast forward about 10 years, I had lived a successful life in ministry and I was becoming a young master of the Faith. For 10 years I had been studying, preaching and dialoguing with others in that faith. One evening, I was sitting at home studying something in The Bible. Then I read a verse that I have read probably 1000 times prior,but this time, it jumped out at me and hit me so hard it changed my life.


Suddenly, I was overtaken in this trance like experience where my mind was being synchronized to this new discovery that had been in front of my face.  The synchronization was using all of the Scriptures that I had so fervently memorized, It was like the facade of religion was being torn down in my mind at once and I was able to see through everything I had learned for 10 years as I understood that The Divine was much, much larger and much, much closer than I ever could have imagined. I sat there at my home desk for about an hour or more, paralyzed in Euphoria. I felt like I had just cracked the code to understanding God. 

Everything all fell into place mentally and spiritually for me. It all finally made so much sense. 

After that night, I started living according to the principles that dropped into my mind that night, I was supremely confident and enlightened in the days, weeks, months and years to come, my life changed for the better drastically bc of this experience. 


I won't sugar coat this for you, Because of my new found convictions, I lost people that I considered family and friends, they all walked away from me as if they had a  fear that I would spontaneously combust eventually. This was hurtful, yet it was no matter to me because I truly couldn't unsee or unlearn what I knew was a Divine download that night. 

Something changed in me, my efforts at speaking became so much more powerful. Visions, dreams, miracles, healings and a new intimacy with the Divine intensified. I even had the amazing experience of raising someone from the dead.

It's like everything just made so much sense and was so effortless now, things just flowed. 

Since this time, I have opened up coaching and workshops to help people to uncover their deepest questions about The Divine, God, Christianity, Denominations and all other religions. 

I would be honored if you would allow me to help you elevevate your spirituality to new heights. De-program all of the limiting traditions and beliefs placed on your by religion and release you to experience a life in Union with the Divine like you have never experienced in your lifetime. 

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